Class: Blackboard


The Blackboard is the memory structure required by `BehaviorTree` and its nodes. It only have 2 public methods: `set` and `get`. These methods works in 3 different contexts: global, per tree, and per node per tree. Suppose you have two different trees controlling a single object with a single blackboard, then: - In the global context, all nodes will access the stored information. - In per tree context, only nodes sharing the same tree share the stored information. - In per node per tree context, the information stored in the blackboard can only be accessed by the same node that wrote the data. The context is selected indirectly by the parameters provided to these methods, for example: // getting/setting variable in global context blackboard.set('testKey', 'value'); var value = blackboard.get('testKey'); // getting/setting variable in per tree context blackboard.set('testKey', 'value',; var value = blackboard.get('testKey',; // getting/setting variable in per node per tree context blackboard.set('testKey', 'value',,; var value = blackboard.get('testKey',,; Note: Internally, the blackboard store these memories in different objects, being the global on `_baseMemory`, the per tree on `_treeMemory` and the per node per tree dynamically create inside the per tree memory (it is accessed via `_treeMemory[id].nodeMemory`). Avoid to use these variables manually, use `get` and `set` instead.

new Blackboard()